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Unauthorized Practice of Law Resources

UPL Online Complaint Form/ Formato en Línea para Quejas UPL
You can use this form to start the process for filing a complaint about a company or individual suspected of engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.

Notice about immigration consultants (En Español - Aviso sobre servicios de inmigracion)
Only attorneys or representatives who are accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals can give legal advice or represent you in an immigration case. “Immigration consultants” who are not attorneys or accredited representatives cannot represent you or give legal advice. Learn more here.

Notary or notario, what’s the difference (En Español - "Notary" o Notario - ¿Cuál es la Diferencia?)
A notary public in Colorado is different from a “notario” in some Latin American countries. A notary public in Colorado cannot give legal advice unless he or she is a licensed attorney. Learn more here.

Stop Fraud Colorado
A tool provided by the Colorado Attorney General's Office to help identify, prevent and report fraudulent activity throughout Colorado.

State law on notary public advertisements for services
C.R.S. § 12-55-110.3 is the Colorado law on how notaries public may advertise for services. Among other requirements, a notary public who is not an attorney, and who advertises in a language other than English, must make clear that he or she is not an attorney and cannot practice law.

Free or low-cost immigration legal services
Find information about free or low-cost legal service providers here.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alerts
The FTC provides nationwide information on the latest scams. View scam alerts here.

FTC consumer fraud complaints
File a consumer complaint with the FTC here.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)
The BBB keeps track of businesses around the U.S. You can file a complaint against a business here.

Colorado Foreclosure Hotline
The Colorado Foreclosure Hotline provides help to people whose homes are in foreclosure.