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Lawyer Self-Assessment Program

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Colorado's lawyer self-assessment program is designed to help lawyers better serve clients and simplify their professional lives. The program arises from a multi-year initiative of a subcommittee of the Colorado Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee. This subcommittee of over 50 practicing lawyers and other professionals identified ten areas of self-assessment that allow lawyers to reflect on practice strengths and weaknesses. The self-assessments emphasize high-quality client service, efficient law office management, and compliance with professional obligations. The self-assessments identify various Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct and resources ranging from template forms to advisory opinions to articles on current professionalism issues.

The ten self-assessments focus on the following ten core practice principles:

  • Developing a competent practice;
  • Communicating in an effective, timely, professional manner and maintaining professional relations;
  • Ensuring that confidentiality requirements are met;
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest;
  • Maintaining appropriate file and records management systems;
  • Managing the law firm/legal entity and staff appropriately;
  • Charging appropriate fees and making appropriate disbursements;
  • Ensuring that reliable trust account practices are in use;
  • Working to improve the administration of justice and access to legal services;
  • Wellness and inclusivity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who created the content for the Colorado Lawyer Self-Assessment Program?

A group of over 50 lawyers and other professionals spent a year developing the content as members of the Proactive Management-Based Program (PMBP) subcommittee of the Colorado Supreme Court Advisory Committee. These volunteers drew from their experience in practicing law, working with lawyers, and maintaining good client relations in order to craft questions to help Colorado lawyers.

Is the program confidential?

Yes. The answers you provide are for your use and viewing only. Individual user data is not shared with the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. See Colorado Rule of Civil Procedure 256.

What type of information does the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel gather from the platform?

The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel receives demographic information from users who choose to provide it. This includes the region of the state where you practice, the size of your firm, and the number of years you have been in practice. In addition, the platform asks users if they wish to submit anonymous feedback. The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel also receives information on the overall platform usage rate.

Can I claim CLE credit?

Yes, lawyers completing the assessment may claim up to three general and three ethics continuing legal education credits.

Do I have to answer every question?

No. You can skip questions and there is no penalty for skipping a question. While all of the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct apply to all licensed Colorado lawyers, it may be that certain rules are not directly implicated in your practice. For example, if you are a solo practitioner, you may not have a supervisory role over other lawyers in your practice that would implicate Colo. RPC 5.1. The lawyers on the PMBP subcommittee designed the self-assessments to encourage lawyers to review all questions in the event employment or practice settings change.

Will I be able to review my answers?

Yes. After completing each assessment section, you will receive an end-of-section report that you can download or print. This report shows your answers. In addition, it has a comprehensive list of educational resources for you to review related to the topics in that assessment.

If I don’t complete my work in one sitting, can I save it and return to it?

Yes. You may register an email address with the platform host. This will allow you to return to the survey, enter an email, and receive a link that will return you to your previous work. Note that if you do not return to your work for 30 days after registering an email address, that work will be deleted and you will need to begin the program again.

What is “Avvy.Pro”? I see this link pop-up when I click on the access tab for the online platform. What is it?

Avvy Pro is a subsidiary of Standpoint Decision Support. Avvy Pro is the company that hosts the online lawyer self-assessment platform. Standpoint Decision Support is a survey platform design and data analytics firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Can I give feedback on the self-assessments?

Yes. At the end of each self-assessment, there is a box where users can provide feedback on what worked well and what could be improved in using the self-assessment program.