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Withdrawing An Application

  1. If you wish to withdraw your application, you must do so in writing by using the Messaging Center within your online application account. You must specifically state that you are withdrawing from the current examination. Messages in which you inquire about withdrawal policies, indicate that you are “thinking about withdrawing,” or stating that you “may withdraw” your application will not be deemed “formal notice,” and the policies and fees referenced below will be applied accordingly.

  2. Application fees are nonrefundable.

  3. If your application is withdrawn from the previous exam (by using the Messaging Center prior to close of business, 5:00 p.m. MT, the Monday before the exam) and reapplication is made within 12 months from the date the original application was filed, and provided you paid the full application fee within the past 12 months, a reapplication fee of $400 will be assessed. If reapplication is made after 12 months from the date the original application was filed the current full application fee will be assessed.

  4. If you are absent from the exam and did not submit written notification to the Office of Attorney Admissions of your anticipated absence using the Messaging Center (prior to close of business, 5:00 p.m. MT, the Monday before the exam) the current full application fee, in force at that time, will be assessed.

  5. Notifications of withdrawal received in the Messaging Center after close of business will be deemed received the next business day and the policies and fees listed above will be applied accordingly.

  6. Reapplication: The application system automatically assesses the current full fee at the time an application is submitted. Therefore, additional steps are required in order to timely file an application under the reduced fee structure.
    1. Log into your application account.
    2. Click the “Click here to Reapply” button.
    3. Select the application type (Exam) and the applicable Exam Date.
    4. Review your Profile, make necessary changes, save and continue.
    5. Once you have completed Steps a-d, send a message using the Messaging Center, located at the top of your Candidate Home Page, requesting a fee override.
    6. When your message is received, a fee override will be entered into your current application and will be confirmed via the Messaging Center. Note: Do not request a fee override until you have started the reapplication process.
    7. Please allow approximately 48 hours for the override to be processed. Deadlines will be enforced and late fees assessed according to the date your application is submitted.
    8. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE FILING DEADLINE DATE to begin your reapplication and request the fee override. In the event an override is not requested in sufficient time for staff to process your request, you will be assessed a late filing fee or miss the deadline altogether. If you find it necessary to submit your reapplication without a fee override in order to meet the filing deadline, you are encouraged to submit your application by the deadline date, pay the full fee and subsequently request a refund of the difference. Late fees are nonrefundable.

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